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Tip Ups and Accessories

We carry a full line of ice fishing tip ups and accessories to help you become a more successful angler. Unique products like the Ifish Pro Tip Up, the Automatic Fisherman, Jawjacker, and other angling accessories. We ship free on orders $99 or more anywhere in Canada. For all your ice fishing needs The Tackle Shack has you covered. Check out our great deals today, if you have any questions please feel free to call!

Clam Arctic Warrior Tip Up

$19.00 $15.20

The Clam Arctic Warrior tip up is a unique and functional system that differs from most traditional style set ups as it allows you to use your own rod, no more hand over hand and line strewn across the ice, the tip up moves down on a hit and the flag...

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The Trigger Auto Fisher Tip Up Rod Holder


With an all new design for 2017/2018 The Trigger by Black Fox Fishing is a Canadian manufactured ice fishing rod holder and auto setter tip up designed to help you land more fish. It's light weight sturdy design allows for a 14 second fast set up and can...

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Ifish Pro Ice Fishing Tip Up


iFishPro Tip Up was designed not just for the everyday angler. We set out to build a better tip up for all angler’s. Starting with the base covering 12 inches that fits over any ice auger hole; our extendable rod holder easily adjusts to...

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Jawjacker Ice Fishing Tip Up


The Jawjacker is an auto set rod holder designed to help you be more a more successful ice fishing angler. Whether you are targeting panfish or predators the unit is designed to quick set your lure or bait as soon as fish strike, this allows you to fight...


Automatic Fisherman Ice Fishing Tip Up

$53.22 $45.62

Like to ice fish with tip ups but want to use your own rod and reel? Check out the Automatic Fisherman, works with most ice rods 24" to 42" long. This unit is extremely durable, drive your ATV over it, will probably break your rod but pick it back up...

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