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Ice Fishing Shelters

The Tackle Shack carries a wide variety of ice fishing shelters and pop ups to keep you more comfortable on the hard water and extend your fishing expistions. Choose from high quality great brand names like Clam and Eskimo. We have several different models in both insulated and non insulated versions depending on your ice fishing conditions.

Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter


The time consuming task of hand drilling ice anchors into the ice is a thing of the past with the ice anchor drill adapter! Simply attach to any cordless drill, place your ice anchor into the holder (even a competitor's model), position the anchor in the...

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Clam Ice Anchor Installation Tool


The clam Ice Anchor Installation Tool can be attached to your cordless drill and used to install and remove ice anchors quickly and efficiently. The tool is compatible with Clam ice anchors and most ice anchors on the market. Features: Use for drilling...

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Clam Ice Anchor Speed Wrench


The new Clam Ice Anchor Speed Wrench is ideal for installing Clam Ice Anchors, it packs light and works efficiently to get your shelter anchored down for the day of fishing. Features: Drop forged, hardened chrome alloy 10mm socket works with Clam Ice...

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Clam Vista Link Hub Ice Fishing Shelter

$246.42 $223.95

The Clam Vista Link ice fishing shelter comes with a patent pending “link” system that will allow you to purchase a hub link to connect to other Vista Link shelters. This will certainly take the enjoyment of fishing with friends to a new...


Eskimo Quickflip 1 Ice Fishing Shelter Sled


With the Eskimo QuickFlip 1, you can get down to the business of ice fishing quickly with the easy-to-set-up flip design. This one-man shelter is the easiest and most transportable ice fishing shelter on the market today. The durable folding ice chair...

Clam Escape Thermal Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter


*Note: Due to the size and weight of this product it does not qualify for free shipping, special arrangements need to be made for delivery or the product can be picked up in the store, please call 1.855.879.1177 to make arrangements if you wish to...

Eskimo Sierra Thermal Sled Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter


The Sierra Thermal is the perfect flip shelter for chasing fish with a friend on a cold day. This lightweight and highly-portable shack holds in the heat thanks to Eskimo’s insulated IQ fabric. Two comfortable swivel Versa seats are mounted to the...