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Ice Augers

We are Canada's supplier for ice fishing augers. Check out the latest and innovative models by K-Drill and ION. Whether you prefer gas power, electric, or propane we have you covered.

Eskimo Pistol Auger Extension


The Eskimo Pistol ice auger extension adds 8" to your Pistol Auger and increases the length to 48", constructed of high quality aluminum and includes all required hardware to mount. Works with both 6" and 8" models.


K-Drill 12" Extension


The K-Drill 12" auger extension is a simple add on to extend the reach of your K-Drill ice auger. To use your K-Drill effectively shavings should be pulled every 5 seconds while drilling.


Clam Plate Drill Auger Conversion Kit


Looking for a solution to lighten up your ice auger or replace your hand crank? The lightweight portable Clam ice auger conversion kit is a revolutionary idea to use any auger bit in conjunction with a power drill to give you quiet fume free controlled...


Eskimo Pistol Bit Ice Auger

$279.99 $229.99

The Eskimo Pistol Bit ice auger is extremely lightweight at 3.25 lbs but is engineered for rigid strength in extreme temperatures and featuries an indestructible polymer composite sectioned flight system. With a true 8" diameter cutting area Eskimos...


IONĀ® XC5 Battery Pack

$269.00 $239.00

The XC5 battery is a 5 Ah, 40V MAX lithium-ion powerhouse. It features an increase of over 60% in charge capacity, meaning extended high-performance from your ION® auger and more holes from a single charge.


K-Drill Ice Auger


Looking for the ultimate light weight ice auger? The K-Drill is designed to drill up to 36" of ice using your cordless drill. The auger is constructed of a lightweight aluminum shaft and composite flighting, it actually floats. The hardened tool steel...

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Eskimo F1 Rocket Ice Auger


* NOTE: DUE TO THE LARGE SIZE OF THIS PRODUCT A FLAT RATE OVERSIZE SURCHARGE WILL BE ADDED TO SHIPPING COST AT CHECKOUT * The Eskimo F1 Rocket Ice Auger ice auger maximizes engine peak power and efficiency with power being transferred to an all...

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Ion X Electric Ice Auger


The re-designed Ion X Electric Ice Auger is built for extra holes and increased precision featuring a 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 Battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing ice anglers to cut up to 1600 inches of ice on a single charge. Whether...