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Great tackle for angling enthusiasts shads are generally used for vertical jigging in both open water and ice fishing. We have a full line of unique fish slaying products from cutting edge suppliers like Rapala, Northland, and Acme Tackle including the famous Jigging Rap and the Hyperglide. Productive presentations in any season.

Bagley Rattlin B Lipless Shad Crankbait


The Bagley Rattlin B lipless shad crankbait is intelligently designed by Jarmo Rapala, these lures are built to run with high vibration and a loud, resonating rattle. You can cast them, troll them or jig them, a true multi species bait they can be used...

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Acme Tackle Hyper Glide


The Acme Tackle Hyper Glide lure series features an injected plastic minnow body with wings that resemble real fish fins. Each time the lure is vertically jigged the wings open and present a lifelike presentation. As the wings open, the bait glides as if...

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Acme Tackle Hyper Rattle


The Acme Tackle Hyper Rattle lure series is a balanced vertical jigging shad featuring an innovative sonic rattle chamber which alerts and attracts game fish from a distance. The life like presentation and Acme HD2 high durability finish features glow...