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Jawjacker Ice Fishing Tip Up

$37.44 $26.21

The Jawjacker is an auto set rod holder designed to help you be more a more successful ice fishing angler. Whether you are targeting panfish or predators the unit is designed to quick set your lure or bait as soon as fish strike, this allows you to fight...

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13 Fishing Descent Inline Ice Fishing Reel

$37.44 $29.95

The 13 Fishing Descent Inline Ice Fishing Reel features a soft touch graphite frame and drop speed control which allows you to fish the lightest jigs with exceptional precision and zero line twist. Five stainless steel ball bearings deliver smooth...

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Shimano Convergence Ice Rod Tennessee Handle

$44.93 $33.70

New for 2018/2019 the Shimano Convergence ice rod line, fishing doesn’t stop when temperatures dip below freezing and the water gets hard, ice fishing continues to attract anglers to their favorite lakes for everything from perch, walleye, trout,...

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13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel

$74.89 $59.91

The original 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 features a CNC machined aluminum body and 2.7:1 gear ratio. The carbon drag with 5 stainless bearings makes this one of the smoothest performing inline ice fishing reels on the market.The integrated fender lets...

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13 Fishing Black Betty Freefall Ice Reel

$112.34 $93.62

The Black Betty Freefall ice fishing reel by 13 Fishing sets the standard for all inline ice reels to follow. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Black Betty since it was introduced to the ice angling market and with good reason. The unique...

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IONĀ® XC5 Battery Pack

$201.48 $179.01

The XC5 battery is a 5 Ah, 40V MAX lithium-ion powerhouse. It features an increase of over 60% in charge capacity, meaning extended high-performance from your ION® auger and more holes from a single charge.

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Eskimo Pistol Bit Ice Auger

$209.71 $179.75

The Eskimo Pistol Bit ice auger is extremely lightweight at 3.25 lbs but is engineered for rigid strength in extreme temperatures and featuries an indestructible polymer composite sectioned flight system. With a true 8" diameter cutting area Eskimos...

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Marcum Recon 5 Underwater Camera

$373.75 $336.30

Small in size, but big with features, the Recon 5 is packed with all the technology that keep MarCum® electronics the angler’s first choice. Lithium battery-powered underwater viewing system complete with a powerful camera and a screen about...

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Marcum M1 Flasher

$374.49 $344.53

The Marcum M1 ice fishing flasher is loaded with great features and offers superior value. The bottom lock zoom system lets you dial in on structure hugging fish and the 2" separation provides great resolution when marking your prey. Tne True-Color®...

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Ion X Electric Ice Auger

$561.00 $523.55

The re-designed Ion X Electric Ice Auger is built for extra holes and increased precision featuring a 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 Battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing ice anglers to cut up to 1600 inches of ice on a single charge. Whether...

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