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Bagley Baits

Bagley Balsa Shad Crankbait


Bagley introduced the Balsa Shad crankbait in 2015. Made using the exclusive HCM manufacturing process, this shad shaped bait is precision balanced to cast easily, run true. The Balsa Shad is...

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Bagley Minnow B Crankbait


Introduced in 2015, the Bagley Minnow B crankbait is an absolute slayer on walleye, pike, trout, and other game fish. Built with that unmistakable Bagley action, it’s easy to cast and fun to...

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Bagley Rumble B Crankbait


The Bagley Rumble B crankbait fishing lure is a fish slayer that won't disappoint. The unique swimming lip on this bait causes water to flow over the shoulders of the bait eliciting a rocking motion...

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