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Bagley Balsa Shad
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Bagley Balsa Shad Crankbait

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Bagley introduced the Balsa Shad crankbait in 2015. Made using the exclusive HCM manufacturing process, this shad shaped bait is precision balanced to cast easily, run true. The Balsa Shad is available in three sizes (5, 7 and 8) and in 17 new colors. True Innovation. Legendary Action.

The Balsa Shad 05 is constructed of balsa wood using the Bagley HCM process; this 3/8 oz lures unique elongated diving lip allows the shad shaped body to run deep quickly. Precisely weighted, it is easy to cast this small lure long distances and it will run 5-7 feet deep with light tackle. Trolled, it will get down to 8-12 feet for deeper fish lurking near structure. The body emanates vibration when running alerting nearby fish and enticing hard strikes.

The Balsa Shad 07 is also constructed the HCM process; this 1/2 oz lure has a shad profile and a long diving lip that allows it to run deep whether casted or being trolled. Precisely balanced in construction it is an ideal bait for bass or walleye. Casts like a bullet allowing you to reach skittish fish lurking on the edges of weed beds and other structure. With light or medium tackle it will run 7-9 feet deep when casted and retrieved, trolled it will reach down to 13-16 feet for deeper suspended fish.

The Balsa Shad 08 weighs in at 5/8 oz and comes with a long diving lip that allows it to run deep . A full wire through harness allows this bait to handle big fish. Nothing beats balsa for great swimming action and this lure has it all; casts easily and runs with enticing vibration to 14-17 feet. Trolling, it will go 20 feet plus on medium tackle. An ideal lure size for big bass or lunker walleye.

Model Length (in) Weight (oz) Depth (ft) Hooks
Balsa Shad 05 2.25 3/8 5-12 2
Balsa Shad 07 2.75 1/8 8-16 2
Balsa Shad 08 3.25 5/8 14-21 2

1 Review


    Posted by Armstrong Cartagena on 2018 Jun 24th

    I got this cranckbait at a couple of days ago. Just to try for Walleye-Bass & Pike and the run was extremely incredible with a lot of vibration & well tuned. I had landed a 20lbs. Pike & 4 decent sizes Walleye in 10 minutes of fishing with this small but well made quality lure. Thank you!

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