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12 Volt DC Power and Accessories

Looking for more power? Let us package all your ice house 12 volt needs!

Noco Group 24 Battery Box With Snap Lid


Running a 12 volt system in your shack? Keep your batteries secure and protected with a Noco snap lid battery box. Heavy-duty grade battery box for Automotive, Marine, RV and more; Designed for a single group 24 battery Unique patented design; Features...

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Go Power Inverter Remote


The Go Power inverter remote allows you to tuck your inverter somewhere in your ice shack and turn it on and off remotely. The flush mount install is simple and it connects to the inverter with a CAT5 cable. Remote for 1000, 1750 and 3000 watt...

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Catch Cover 12 Volt Ceiling Fan


*Sorry this item has been discontinued* Looking to move some air around your ice shack or RV? If you have a 12 volt system check out the Catch Cover 12 volt ceiling fan. Great for shacks without forced air heating systems for getting air circulating and...

Go Power 110 Amp Inverter Fuse Block and Fuse


The Go Power 110 fuse block protects your inverter from batteries in event of a short. Install inline on your VDC+ plus wire between your inverter and batteries to ensure you are protected. For use with any inverter or the Go Power 1000 watt modified...


Go Power 10 Amp Battery Smart Charger


The Go Power 10 Amp Smart Charger is designed specifically to extend the life of deep-cycle battery banks. With a unique microprocessor controlled electronic design, the Go Power Smart Charger offers multi-stage charging to accurately recharge and...

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Go Power 1000 Watt Inverter


Looking for more power for your ice shack? Why run a generator all the time if you don't need to. The Go Power modified sine 1000 Watt inverter is the answer. Simply connect it to your battery system and enjoy steady uninterrupted power, great for LED...

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Canadian Energy 160 Watt Solar Panel Kit


Looking for more juice for your shack or RV? The Canadian Energy 160 watt solar panel kit comes with everything you need to install and harness the energy of the sun to power you electrical system. Great for use with 12 volt powered systems with high...